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In the early 70s, Mr. Sheikh Osman started a butchery business in Short Street, Lenasia. Today, this is still in operation under the management of Farouk Osman.

A couple of years lapsed and brothers Mohamed, Ismail, Farouk and Shoket opened a café called “Church Café” situated at the corner of Penguin and Sparrow Str. In Ext 1, Lenasia.

In the early 80s the family opened a Cosmetic Wholesale Business under the name of “Fomiss Wholesalers”. This name is an acronym born as result of Mr Sheikh Osman’s idea of taking the initials of the brothers and nephew Shabbeer! This is how this popular name was born:

These were profitable and lucrative years. But, due to the economic cycles the family branched into the petrol business, with a number of garages opening.

The first being situated in Gemsbok Str, Lenasia and the others spread over different areas. Today, with the grace of the Almighty, a chain of sites is successfully operated by the Osman familyIn a short space of time a dry-cleaning business was opened next to the cosmetic enterprise, in Grand Place, Lenasia.

In the years that followed, the business expanded, and the cosmetic business made way for the dry-cleaning business.

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